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Who we are



We are an association founded in 1992 that deals with justice, human rights, and prisons. We are older than the oldest Italian political party. Our headquarters are located in Rome, but we also ensure our presence throughout the country thanks to our regional offices.

We are called Antigone because, like the heroine of the Greek tragedy, we fight for justice to be without the cruel traits of revenge.

Our commitment to fairer laws

We are committed to transforming a criminal justice system that is often unfair to those who have fewer means. We believe that the prison sentence should only be used for the most serious crimes and should never consist of inhuman treatment. We put up cultural resistance to those who want to turn the Welfare State into a State based on criminal law. We explain to students in schools and universities our idea of justice and prison sentence. We urge political forces and public institutions to address the rights of people deprived of their liberty, to introduce guarantees for the weakest and most defenseless, to treat major issues, such as drugs and immigration, as complex social issues and not as criminal issues.



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