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OMCT Network

OMCT logoIn 2020 Antigone joined the World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) SOS-Torture Network, a network of over 200 organizations committed to the fight against torture operating in over 90 countries worldwide. The network aims at connecting the partner organisation, supporting their work and coordinating their actions to maximise their impact. SOS-Torture Network was founded in 1986, when it included 48 NGOs.

Legal Experts Advisory Panel (LEAP) 

Since 2015 Antigone is a member of LEAP, an EU-wide network of experts in criminal justice and human rights coordinated by Fair Trials International, which works to promote judicial cooperation within Europe. There are currently over 120 members, made up of lawyers, NGOs, and academics, covering all 28 EU Member States. Among other goals, LEAP boost cooperation between human rights defenders in cross-border work.


JUSTICIA European Rights Network 

In 2014 Antigone joined JUSTICIA European Rights Network. JUSTICIA is based in 17 Member States and is composed of 19 Member organisations. The network is involved in procedural rights and in victims’ rights and on these topics holds training seminars and conferences; produces various publications; engages in collective lobbying in the area of EU criminal justice, in particular on the reception of the directives adopted for the implementation of the Roadmap on procedural rights approved in 2009.


EU-Russia Civil Society Forum 

In 2015 Antigone joined the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (CSF), a network of thematically diverse non-governmental organisations from Russia and the European Union, established as a bottom-up civic initiative. The goal of the Forum is to strengthen cooperation between civil society organisations and to contribute to the integration between Russia and the EU, based on common values of pluralistic democracy, rule of law, human rights and social justice.



Coalizione Italiana Libertà e Diritti Civili (CILD)

CILD was born from the belief that rights and civil liberties are interdependent and indivisible. Based of this precondition, a group of non-governmental organizations decided to start a new network and built a new national organization. CILD has today 34 members and Antigone holds the presidency. CILD is a member of the Civil Liberties Union for Europe, which runs the platform



Conferenza Nazionale Volontariato Giustizia (CNVG)

The Conference was born with the aim to represent organizations of volunteers who are active in the field of justice and in particular inside and outside penitentiary institutions, in order to deal with every issue related with detention and social exclusion. Antigone is among the founders of the CNVG.



StopOPG was born on April 19, 2011 – following the Forum on Mental Health that took place in Aversa in January of the same year – through a petition signed by more than 40 organizations. The campaign aims at the total abolition of OPGs.



The campaign LasciateCIEntrare (Let us in) was born in 2011 as a reaction to an internal regulation issued by the Ministry of the Interior that forbid the press to enter into CIE (Identification and Expulsion Centers) and into CARA (Asylum Seekers Reception Centers). By appealing to the right/duty to exercise art. 21 of the Constitution, which is freedom of the press, LasciateCIEntrare obtained the abrogation of the internal regulation and today is fighting for the closing of CIE, the abolition of administrative detention and the review of immigration policies.



Since 1999 more than 48 organizations of the civil society joined their efforts in the campaign Sbilanciamoci! in order to favor a more just economy and a new development model based on rights, environment and peace. The campaign Sbilanciamoci! proposes and organizes every year activities of denunciation, awareness raising, pressure, and other political and cultural activities so that the principles of solidarity, equality, sustainability and peace remain the aims that politics, economy and society should try to achieve.

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